MYL Presents: Red, White, & Booze -Your Inauguration Alternative

Together again! 

Together again! 


MYL Presents RED, WHITE, & BOOZE is only a few days away!  I am super excited to be back on the Panic Stage and look forward to providing an amazing distraction from the hot mess of an Inauguration. 

Not only do we have amazing local and out of town performers lined up for you, but Fancy Bandit Brown is back in town with her piano!  You've grown to love our mix of live and lip sync performances, but it's time to go back to our roots with LIVE PIANO! 

This month's show is a sardonic romp through politics. We will begin the show over the top patriotism and gently transition into the glory of freedom of speech.  It's a good thing Trump will be busy that tonight, or I'd expect we'd cause quite the tweet storm! 

I look forward to seeing everyone!  Please invite your friends...the more people we get the more likely the Panic will continue to welcome us back.  Come support your local community!


Mrs. Yuka Layme