Back off Jack (Frost)... I'm reclaiming my Holiday Spirit


Nothing pokes a hole in your Christmas Spirit more than canceling your holiday spectacular.  We worked really hard to put a solid and exciting show together, but Jack Frost was not cooperating.  The decision was not made lightly and was made in partnership with our venue, The Panic Bar. The safety of our performers (especially our out of town guests) and our audience was our top priority and will always be most important.  But man oh sucked not being able to show you everything we had planned.  Sadly, due to the timing of calendars, we are unable to reschedule to another night, but that's ok.  Life happens and we are all alive, happy, and healthy!

BUT...I've decided to not let that frosty asshole to get me down!  I will be crashing Karaoke night at the Panic Bar THIS THURSDAY (12/22/26) at 9:00pm.  I'll sing 3 of the live songs I had prepared for you from Homo for the Holiday and hope that it helps us all get back into the Christmas spirit.  It's a FREE night, so come on down and sing some songs with me!  I'll be all dolled up and in one of my new dresses.

What choices have you made recently to improve your mental/emotional state?

See you Thursday Cherubs!