Meet Your Blockbusters: The Odd Couple

Hello Cherubs! 

It's time to introduce our performers for THIS FRIDAY'S show MYL Presents: BOOB TUBE at the Panic Bar at 9:30pm.

First up... it's all about family

The ODD COUPLE:  Devin & Venus Shakers

Devin Shakers Is no stranger to the MYL stage!  His creativity is out of this world and other performers should take not.  It also helps that he's one of the nicest people on the planet as well.

Venus Shakers is BACK!!  It's a true thrill to have Venus back in a show..  It's a honor that this show is one of her last shows before she heads back to South Dakota for school.  She brings a whole hell of a lot of energy to the stage (oh and she makes her own costumes).