Meet the Performers: Barbra Love-Sanchez


I am super excited to introduce our next performer.  Please meet the Legendary Barbra Love-Sanchez.  When I moved to Lincoln last May, I went to see some local drag show to see what kind of talent/queens were hitting the boards.  Barbara was one of my favorites of the night.  She is the quintennial queen of the old guard who knows how to lip sync a classic number with a touch of comedy and crass.  She is an incredible host with a sharp & dirty tongue!  I am super excited to get to finally share the stage with her.

If you would like more information on the show... 

in her own words...

Known to many in Nebraska as the BMW (Big Mexican Woman) Barbra has been performing and celebrating her 30 years of entertainment in Nebraska. Holding such titles as Miss River City, Miss Omaha Ming Company, and represented as ICON Royal Family. Still Proud and still Moving.
— Barbra Love Sanchez