Meet The Performers: Skylar Storm

Allow me to introduce you to one of our performers for Mrs. Yuka Layme Presents: HERE FOR THE BOOS.  Please meet SKYLAR STORM.  Mr. Storm was one of the first performs to welcome us with open arms when we moved to Lincoln from Chicago in May.  I had the pleasure of watching him win the crown of Mr. Alley 2.  I was very impressed with the energy behind his numbers and can't wait to see how they translate to the Panic stage! 


Skylar Storm has been in the drag industry for almost 3 years now. Skylar is the current reigning Mr. Alley and a former Mr. Great Plains Unlimited. He is also a female impersonator that goes by Anastacia Storm who is a former Miss Fresh Fish out of Sioux City, IA and a former Miss Drag Suicide. Off stage he works in retail management and is starting to pursue a career in makeup. Skylar's favorite food is sesame chicken. Skylar thoroughly enjoys his time on stage and hopes you are excited for what he has to offer for your viewing pleasure!